Luxury GoodsHong Kong is known Among many of its visitors as a high end shopping destination packed with fashionable clothing, cutting edge electronics and expensive luxury items. But beneath the surface is a vibrant group of eclectic street markets which are scattered all around Hong Kong. Shopping in Hong Kong is not just restricted to air conditioned malls and department stores. Maybe some of the best deals and the most interesting items can be found in these road markets.

Many street markets in Hong Kong either ply a specific assortment of products or merchandise that represents a specific ethnic group. Be warned however, regardless of the fact that these road markets are seldom publicized they are packed to capacity with locals and wandering tourists. Among the best places to buy something special for your relatives or friends back is the Stanley Market. It is a traditional open aviation market that is now a significant tourist attraction in Hong Kong. The market sells everything from clothing to souvenirs and is called a bargain hunter’s paradise. The silk clothing and traditional Chinese toys and clothes are of special interest here.

Many residential areas In Hong Kong are filled with the melodious tune of caged birds, where do they come from? Most likely in the bird market in Yuen Po Street, many song birds have been bought and sold in this marketplace which also a place of congregation for bird enthusiasts and song bird owners. This dark and rather derelict alleyway is usually frequented by older men who proudly display their birds for their peers, not always with intention of selling but largely for show. Intricately crafted bird cages, bird feed and an assortment of song birds of different species from all around the world are found in the marketplace.

The 홍콩명품 is the best place to buy a whole lot of sweet smelling flowers for that special someone back home, an assortment of flowers from local Chinese types to expensive imported flowers can be found here. Bonsai plants, rare houseplant and certain varieties of plants which bring good fortune to your family members can be found here too. The novelty of seeing a brightly colored and delightfully fragrant market is the primary attraction for tourists however many sailors buy flowers for weddings, funerals and traditional festivals here.

There Are Lots of street Markets in Hong Kong and odds are that any resort in Hong Kong will have one close by; a trip is rewarding and gives you a opportunity to experience a distinctly different means of shopping. A Hong Kong island resort that is located in the center of the busy shopping and business districts is Hotel Jen, where guests can quickly get some the best night markets and open aviation markets in Hong Kong.

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