I must admit that my wife and I prefer to eat out. We probably eat out too often quite and occasionally, we have let it put a strain on the budget. We learned however, that local coupons and deals can save a lot of money at a number of our favourite restaurants. For Instance, I have signed up on the mailing lists of Group on, Amazon Deals and Living Social. All these companies send me emails featuring great regional deals. In the event of group on, I have specified that I’m only interested in hearing about restaurants in town where we live. The business is fantastic and just sends me emails that match that category. When I see I have an email from Group on I’m anxious to open it because I know that it will contain enormous discounts usually 50% off in a local restaurant.

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In Fact, before we go out to supper today, my wife and I immediately check on the sites of these 3 companies to find out if there are any regional deals available to use. If there are, we can quickly purchase them, print the voucher and save $10 to $20 off our dinner bill! Of Course restaurants are merely 1 way to use coupons. I know that lots of homemakers have been using local coupons in their grocery stores for a long time at Amazon. While it may appear that a few cents off here or there will not add up to much, you might be surprised!
I have a cousin in a different country which has made using local coupons a genuine art form. She decides what the minimum face value of each coupon should be and then down them to her local supermarket where she receives double and sometimes triple the value of this coupon. As a matter of fact, she’s been so successful at this that she’s turned it into a company. For Example, let’s say she’s a coupon for 75 cents off a tube of toothpaste which prices $2.39. If she gets triple the value of the voucher then she receives a reduction of $2.25. That tube of toothpaste currently prices her only two cents!

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