rentingWe were astonished at the fact we managed to get such beach house leases in the Caribbean. Stayed in Banana Beach for 3 months for a break and but was lured into action than had planned! One example of this was the BBQ. The proprietor Rand is a former Texan so it did not surprise me much that Tex-Mex featured at ‘The Mystic’, the hotel’s bar or restaurant. Rand who has some humorous anecdotes and is inspiringly outspoken had a bar in Dallas, so in regards to Tex-Mex he knows his stuff. What did surprise me was how good the food was. As much as I adore its food and Honduras, restaurants here do not do Tex-Mex Food, or the versions of Mexican. It is better to stick to foods, the fish and the cuisine with a Caribbean influence.

Among those issues is that Hondurans for some reason appear to name arbitrary dishes with Mexican titles, so once you purchase an enchilada for instance you really come off with a tostada, which may be somewhat disappointing. Banana Beach is an exception to this, thanks to the experience of both Rand From the hospitality trade in Dallas and the resident that is fantastic chef Jorgen. On the menu that is typical this means that if you order food you know what you’ll get! Over this, Jorgen thank god shies away from heavy skillet, that’s the normal treatment of Tex Mix food in Honduras. So as you can imagine from my description of the menu, the Tex Mix BBQs go 1 step further.

The meat has to take precedence as it is a Tex mix affair and it is finger licking good. I have. In addition, I do not understand how pork was found by them. That is the way they like it, although the pork here is pretty tough by North American standard. A little birdie told me that they use Best Port Aransas Beach Houses To Rent. The bean cakes were another favourite. It was! In Tex Mix style that is true they do not overwhelm the meat with flavour! Aside from the food, the company was fantastic also. Locals and gringos all north Americans and Europeans are gringos in Honduras! Travelled from hours. I believe that the fact that they have a bar, which areas in Honduras do not, along with one of the positions on Trujillo Bay, helped along this! From 4pm the celebration got started and we carried on dancing drinking and having a fantastic time until late in the day. That the next morning I needed to remind myself that Tex Mix BBQ does not mean you must drink tequila what Rand says!

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