The Dawood foundation was started by Bashir Dawood and Mariyam Dawood. The foundation has been helping thousands of people since the 1960s. The foundation was started with the hope of restoring humanity and peace in the lives of the many people who suffered from various devastating incidents that took place nationally and globally. The foundation helps the people of Pakistan to find their livelihood and make their living. The Dawood foundation is a humanitarian institution. They help in serving the people of disaster stricken places and also offer funding to the many regions that has suffered due to many of the various disasters. The relief effort provided by the foundation has helped the lives of a lot of people.

humanitarian institution

The most notable work of the foundation is when they rebuilt a village that was destroyed due to a huge fire. They also provided shelters and food to the village people that were affected by the fire. They also took care of the refugees like their own kind. The foundation is also known as TDF in short and there are a lot of volunteers working for the foundation. They are all likeminded people and run when there is a person who needs help. Bashir Dawood personally oversees the volunteer activities that are preceded by the trust along with Mariyam Dawood. The volunteers are found to be really committed in helping the society with an unwavering mind. This helps in boosting the morale of the many youngsters and adults in the nation.

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